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Rogers Wireless Hardware Upgrade
If you have had your current Rogers Wireless phone for more than one year your may be eligible for our hardware upgrade program
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Get A New Rogers Phone & Plan
Add another line & plan with a new number for a family member
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Rogers Wireless Pay As You Go
No contract, Rogers phones starting from $79.99 plus free accessories
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Add Rogers Wireless Options
Add Voice Mail, Caller ID, Text Messaging Plans
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Lost Your Rogers Wireless Phone?
If your Rogers phone is lost or stolen please contact customer service at 1.800.565.6009 immediately
Rogers Customer Service
Tracking, billing, address changes, Rogers price plan changes
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Rogers Wireless Tech Support
Rogers Phone manuals, help with phone features, FAQ’s
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Fun With Your Rogers Wireless Phone
Download ring tones, wallpapers and much more for your Rogers phone
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Rogers Wireless - Canada's Leading Wireless Communications Service Provider

If you are an existing Rogers customer you could get up to 15% when you bundle Rogers Wireless, Rogers Cable, Rogers HomePhone and Rogers Hi-Speed Internet services.

If you are an existing Rogers Wireless customer and have had your existing phone for more than 1 year, you may be eligible for a Rogers Wireless hardware upgrade. Check the Rogers Wireless Hardware Upgrade program fro details.

Rogers Wireless Family plans offer you the ability to keep your family connected with up to 5 Rogers phones all integrated within one Rogers Family Plan. Get the Rogers details and find out why so many couples and Families are signing up to the Rogers Wireless Family Plan.

Rogers Wireless Pay as You Go Plans are also alternatives for meeting your wireless needs. Rogers Wireless carries Nokia, Motorola, Samsung,Blackberry, Sony Erricsson and other leading wireless brands.

One of he most popular requests we get is if Rogers Wireless will carry the Apple iPhone in Canada when it gets released. The Apple iPhone showcased in recent months is built for the GSM wireless network. As Rogers Wireless and Fido operate on the GSM network there in an excellent chance that Rogers Wireless will carry the Apple iPhone in Canada. Please stay tuned to see if Rogers Wireless will be selling the Apple iPhone in Canada.

Rogers Home Phone,formerly sprint Canada is a fantastic alternative to your home telephone needs. You can save on your other Rogers services when you sign up with Rogers Home Phone. Rogers HomePhone is available in most major markets in Canada and 600,000 Canadians have signed up with Rogers Home Phone. Find out more about Rogers Home phone from Rogers today.

Rogers Portable Internet from Rogers is a revolutionary way to access the Internet. Simply take the Rogers modem with you. When ready to use just connect your Rogers modem to a power connection , plug your computer to the Rogers modem and you have Rogers Hi-Speed Internet. Find out more about Rogers Hi-speed Internet from Rogers Canada

Rogers Wireless, Rogers Home Phone, Rogers Cable and Rogers Hi-Speed Internet are divisions of Rogers Communications.

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