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Rogers Wireless Personal Use Plans
Evening/Weekend plans, unlimited Rogers incoming plans, Rogers starter plans
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Rogers Wireless Family / Couples Plans
Get up to 5 free Rogers phones, local & long distance calling circles
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Rogers Wireless Long Distance Plans
Long distance minutes included, US & Canada wide traveling plans
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Rogers Business Use Plans
Rogers Heavy use plans, from 350 to 3.400 minutes per month
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Rogers Blackberry Plans
Voice & Data plans, Rogers Blackberry handhelds starting from $0
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Palm & Pocket PC Plans
Rogers Plans for Palm, Pocket PC & Symbian Handhelds
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Rogers Wireless Network Coverage
Find out why Rogers has the most reliable network with the clearest reception and the fewest dropped calls
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Rogers Wireless Pay As You Go Plans
No contract, phones starting from $79.99 plus free accessories
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Fun With Your Rogers Phone
Download ringtones, wallpaper and more for your Rogers phone
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Rogers Wireless - Canada's Leading Wireless Communications Service Provider

Switch to Rogers Wireless both local number portability and keep your existing numbers. We take care of all the details as your number gets transferred to Rogers Wireless. Rogers wireless has Canada's most reliable network.

Our Rogers Family plans offer you the ability to keep your family connected with up to 5 Rogers wireless phones all with one low Rogers Family Plan. Get the Rogers Family Plan details and find out why so many couples and Families are subscribing with Rogers Family Plan in Canada.

Rogers Pay as You Go Plans and Rogers personal plans are another excellent way of meeting your personal wireless needs. Rogers Wireless carries the biggest selection of Blackberries in Canada. New models include the Rogers Blackberry Pearl, the Rogers Blackberry 8800 and Blackberry 8700. When you a need the latest Blackberry in Canada count on Rogers Wireless blackberries to deliver.

One of the more popular requests Rogers get is if Rogers will carry the Apple iPhone in Canada when it is released. The apple iPhone prototype currently works on the GSM wireless standard which is what Rogers Wireless and Fido operate on. As a result Rogers wireless and Fido will probably the ones selling the Apple iPhone in Canada. Stay tuned for Apple iPhone details as they come available in Canada.

Rogers Home Phone,formerly sprint Canada is a fantastic replacement for your current home telephone. We will take care of switching details and you can expect great value an service from your Rogers Home Phone. Over 600,000 people have switched to Rogers HomePhone. Additionally you can save more monthly when you bundle your Rogers Home Phone with other Rogers services such as Rogers Wireless, Rogers Cable and Rogers Hi-Speed Internet.

Rogers Portable Internet from Rogers is a portable plug and play easy way to access the fast Internet. Just take the Rogers modem with you wherever you go. When you want to use it just connect the Rogers Internet modem to a power outlet, plug your computer or laptop to the Rogers Internet modem and you have access to Rogers Hi-Speed to browse the web at speeds of over 1.5mbps. Find out more about Rogers Portable Hi-speed Internet from Rogers Communications,

Rogers also bought out Fido. Fido Canada has over 1.3 million customers and sells Fido phones and Fido plans in Canada. Fido Canada also shares the Rogers wireless network.

Rogers Wireless, Rogers Home Phone, Rogers Cable and Rogers Hi-Speed Internet are divisions of Rogers Communications.

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