There are cell phones, cell phones and more cell phones. And the there is the unique apple iphone that has created a new revolution. Ever since mobiles have been in existence, no phone has generated so much curiosity. Considered top of the heap, in every category, the apple iphone is buzzing with its revolutionary features. For the swish set it is an iconic status symbol. The society in America is divided into-those who possess the coveted iphone and those who do not! What makes the apple iphone such a coveted cellular device in recent times?

For starters, the new look is astonishingly good and enviable to carry. One can make a call simply by tapping the name or the number on the cell’s favorite list or menu. It is capable of co-coordinating all PC window related information on the phone. It allows information download from Mac or internet services. You can also select the messages and voicemails and listen in any sequence you want. Apart from the regular call applications one can get access to ipod tunes, numerous ringtones, and also see movies on the phone screen. It has some high grade technology that makes it different from the other communication devices. Apple iphones have the most advanced interface, software with nearly 3000 patents making it decades ahead of all other phones. It has a multi-touch screen, excellent wireless system and accelerometer and proximity sensor. Latest movies can be rented and seen on the iphone. It supports different web-based applications.